Medical Malpractice Over Decongestant


This Medical Malpractice lawsuit involved a Chesterfield County man who was left incapacitated by a stroke. The stroke was the result of medication prescribed by his doctor to address symptoms of a cold. The medication was called Phenergan VC with codeine.

Phenergan VC was known to increase blood pressure and cause complications in patients with hypertension. Our client had a prior history of high blood pressure and hypertension. Five days after receiving and using Phenergan VC, our client suffered a stroke in the basal ganglion area of the brain, where strokes due to hypertension are common. As a result of the stroke, our client was left unable to swallow, talk, or walk without assistance.

The jury, after deliberating for only 90 minutes, returned a verdict in the amount of $5 million dollars. The judge reduced the jury verdict to $1 million dollars, the statutory medical malpractice cap at the time.