Logging Truck Accident

Have you ever been behind a logging truck that was bouncing along on the interstate and thought to yourself, “Ghee, I hope those logs are tied down real tight.” I know I have. Maybe it’s my experience as a personal injury lawyer, but I make a point to stay far away from trucks carrying large and precarious loads: roll-off dumpsters, trailers packed with furniture, flatbeds loaded with steel, flatbeds loaded with huge concrete trusses, tractor trailers stuffed with logs . . .

Trucking Accident Near Petersburg

Sadly, our community has fallen victim to yet another such avoidable trucking accident. On October 16, 2013, near midnight, a GMC logging truck ran off the road and overturned, spewing logs into the travel lanes of Route 288 near Petersburg. Behind the logging truck was a man driving a Chevrolet Tahoe. He was returning from his part-time job at Wal-Mart, where he restocked baked goods. Although the man was wearing his seatbelt, he could not avoid the overturned truck and died at the scene.

We have discussed the dangers of trucking accidents before in this blog. We have also discussed the importance of swift action in response to such an accident. This is because the major insurance companies for the trucking industry have teams of experts to deploy almost instantaneously to scenes of grisly trucking accidents. These teams collect data, recover the truck’s “black box,” interview witnesses, photograph the scene, measure skid marks before rain washes them away, and complete an investigation within days if not hours.

Why give the trucking companies a head start? It is the victims of these tragic deaths that deserve the head start!

Benefit by Contacting Cuthbert Law Offices

And that’s why you benefit from contacting Cuthbert Law Offices as soon as one of these trucking tragedies occurs. At Cuthbert Law Offices we are experienced in handling trucking accidents. We have represented families who have been injured by roll-offs, tractor-trailers (18-wheelers), pickup trucks, and box trucks. But regardless of the type of truck, what’s important is to get your team of experts to the scene as soon as possible.

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