Police Brutality

Police Brutality Cases

Cuthbert Law Offices, with offices in Petersburg, Virginia, and Richmond, Virginia, has handled numerous cases against employees of area police departments.  In one such case, a Richmond jury found that a member of the Richmond, Virginia SWAT team had acted with gross negligence when he fired high-tech ammunition through the kitchen door of an occupied dwelling, killing an eighteen-year-old mother of two children. See Green v. Ingram, 269 Va. 281, 608 S.E.2d 917 (2005).

In another such case, a Petersburg jury found that a patrol officer had acted willfully and wantonly when he pursued a fleeing car until the car crashed, killing two of its three occupants and badly injuring the third.  Another case involved a police officer from a nearby town who, while driving at high speeds to a non-emergency call, caused another driver to crash.  Another involved an off-duty police officer in a town west of Petersburg who crashed head-on into an approaching car, killing the car’s driver and nearly blinding the dead man’s wife.

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